PYROPRESS - Pressure Switches and other switch instruments.

All pressure switches, differential pressure switches, vacuum switches, temperature switches, level switches and flow switches etc. are available in industrial/weatherproof form and for hazardous area installations in ATEX certified versions either as Flameproof (Explosion Proof) Exd or Intrinsically Safe Exia. IECEx certification is available on our Hermes, Perseus and Titan ranges in both Exd and Exia.

The switches have been proven suitable for usage as part of a SIL 2 IEC 61508 system in a simplex configuration and SIL 3 IEC 61508 in a voted configuration.

The lastest product in our range is the Hermes pressure switch which has been designed specifically for wellhead control panel manufacturers and is suitable for use in many other oil and gas related applications. It incorporates proven technology in a compact 316 stainless steel IP67 housing with 2 x SPDT microswitches available with ATEX & IECEx Exd and Exia certification. Please contact our sales office for more details.

Product Overview

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  • Pressure Switches - Low Pressure - settings down to 0.25 mbar
  • Pressure Switches - Medium Pressure - settings up to 40 Bar
  • Pressure Switches - High Pressure - settings up to 800 Bar
  • Differential Pressure Switches - settings from 0.25 mbar to 10.5 Bar D.
  • Vacuum Switches - settings from -0.25 mbar to -1 Bar
  • Temperature Switches (local/direct mount or remote/capillary versions) - settings from -40 to + 230 deg. C.
  • Liquid Level Float Switches - horizontal (side) mounting and vertical (top) mounting versions.
  • Liquid Inline Flow Switches - orifice plate type, flanged connections.
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Temperature Transmitters
  • Tank Level Transmitters

Pyropress are a leading UK based designer and manufacturer of standard weatherproof and ATEX certified pressure switches, differential pressure switches, vacuum switches, temperature switches, level switches and flow switches etc. For over 60 years we have built a solid and impressive reputation for quality, reliable and durable products.

The industries serviced include but are not limited to, oil and gas production (onshore and offshore facilities), power stations (nuclear,coal,oil and gas), nuclear waste handling facilities, water companies, manufacturing/production, HVAC/refrigeration, defence organisations, shipping and railways.

Pyropress pride themselves in utilising 100% UK sourced materials thus ensuring we can maintain an excellent level of ‘door-step’ quality monitoring and on time delivery control. We deem this to be more important to our clients rather than introducing the risk of using lower cost imported castings and other components.

For further information, to discuss your instrumentation requirements in detail or obtain a quotation within 24 hours (usually same day), please contact our sales team: Email - or Tel: (+44) (0)1752 339866 or Fax: (+44) (0)1752 336681