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Pyropress ATEX / IECEx certified switches and transmitters in diesel engine applications

Pyropress ATEX / IECEx certified switches and transmitters are used in all different types of hazardous area applications. Here, we look at diesel engines operating in offshore oil and gas operations.

Diesel engines are commonly used to power equipment such as coiled tubing units (CTU), cementing units and air compressors, for example. Pyropress switches and transmitters are used to measure and control multiple elements including;

· Lube oil pressure

· Fuel pressure

· Cooling water temperature

· Exhaust gas temperature

· Bearing temperature

· Lube oil temperature

· Air filter DP sensors

· Oil filter DP sensors

· Fuel filter DP sensors

· Coolant water flow

· Lube oil flow

· Oil level

· Water level

· Fuel level

Flameproof (Exd), Intrinsically safe (Exia) switches and transmitters

Our extensive range includes switches and transmitters for measuring pressure, differential pressure, vacuum, temperature, level and flow. Pyropress products are suitable for use in a variety of industries including oil and gas production (onshore and offshore facilities), power stations (nuclear, coal, oil and gas), nuclear waste handling facilities, water companies, manufacturing/production, HVAC/refrigeration, defence organisations, shipping and railways.

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