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Pyropress is a Brexit Ready ATEX Manufacturer

In preparation for BREXIT at the end of this year, Stephen Burns, Managing Director of Pyropress Limited provides a clear message about what BREXIT means for Pyropress and our customers.

First, there is no need for confusion. Pyropress is a Great British (GB) manufacturer already doing business worldwide and is ready to supply to every customer in the EU from the 1st January 2021.

A set of baseline principles are established from The ‘Blue Guide’ on the implementation of EU products rules 2016 published by the EU Commission for selling product into the European Union after BREXIT*.

*This assumes GB will not have any special arrangements with the Union from 31/12/2020 and is what Pyropress is prepared to adhere to.

What does BREXIT mean in practice for Pyropress customers and ATEX?

In reality, the post BREXIT process is very similar to what we do today for the supply process control instruments; switches, transmitters and valves.

Just like we do today, we must:

  • Create Technical Construction File (TCF)
  • Verify each product unit is compliant to Union Harmonisation Legislation (Directive ESHRs)
  • Label the product
  • Apply CE marking
  • Issue EU DoC
  • Provide Instructions for use

We have already transferred certificates issued by ATEX NoBos (Notified Body) to one of their EU based facilities. Our accreditations to ATEX and IECEx are ready for post BREXIT requirements.

Our preparations for the UKCA marking requirement from 1st January 2022 are well underway for our GB based customers.

In summary, we are ready to support EU based customers with EU end users, whether our customer has GB facilities within their group or not. Likewise, for GB customers with GB end users.

Pyropress is BREXIT ready - what it means for ATEX

Pyropress is proud of its active tracking of standards committees over the last 40 years and post BREXIT, the UK will still retain active participation in EU standards work.

Like all manufacturers, we cannot control shipping delays that may occur in the first few weeks of BREXIT and have increased necessary materials stock levels just in case, to avoid production delays.

The Specific Details of the EU Commission Rules for Pyropress ATEX Equipment

The principles from the ‘Blue Guide’ clarify that:

  • Direct Sales to distributors, integrators, and end-users is possible from outside the Union (i.e. from Pyropress into Europe)
  • The manufacturer (i.e. Pyropress) can commercially transact product covered solely by the ATEX or LVD (Low Voltage) Directives intended for use in the Union Market without establishing themselves in a Member State, or appointing an Authorised Representative, or involving an importer.
  • The manufacturer outside the Union (i.e. Pyropress) may apply the CE marking and issue the EU DoC (declaration of conformity)
  • The majority of Pyropress sales fall within the category of CE marked components, equipment and assemblies manufactured in GB under ISO9001 and 3rd party certification with the Trade Name of manufacture (Pyropress) and commercially sold to distributors, integrators, OEMs, or end-users and shipped to them from the manufacturer’s facility (Pyropress in Plymouth, UK).

Pyropress – A Great British Global Expert

Pyropress exports products all over the world every single day and our processes are designed to adapt to the requirements, legislation, and standards of any country or union. BREXIT is no different.

If you would like more information on how BREXIT concerns your Pyropress order, contact our team on +44 (0) 1752 333 933 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can guide you through the correct route to market.

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