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Crankcase Explosion Relief Valves

MX Series of Explosion Relief Valve

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  • Sizes available from 80mm to 300mm.
  • Flametrap patented by BICERI.
  • Proven in service for a long life and efficiency.
  • Safety deflecting cover.
  • Robust and durable in the most adverse conditions.
  • Custom design ability.
  • Options available for exhaust/high temperature applications.

These valves have a long established track record of service in providing venting of excess pressure within the crankcase. This range of valves incorporates an internal oil wetted wire gauze flame trap which has been proved to be the most effective method. This is combined with a spring loaded stemless relief valve, with a Nitrile seal which ensures frictionless valve operation.

These valves are available in six different sizes and are set to operate between 0.08 and 4.5kg/cm opening pressure, other ranges can be specially engineered. To enable these valves to be fitted to a wide range of engine sizes various valve sizes are available in order to safely vent any size of crankcase. Additionally the variation in the depth of the flametrap will accommodate most mechanical differences within the crankcase housing to prevent contact with any internal moving parts. To complete the assembly a specially designed cover is fitted which enables safe directional control of the issuing gases. These valves are available in a range of sizes from 80mm up to 300mm.

Technical Specification

  • Cover: Cast aluminium.

  • Carrier: Cast iron.

  • Flametrap: Spring steel as standard (Stainless steel and Inconel are available).

Please note: - where customers have requirements outside these ranges, valves can be developed to suit specialised door fixings.