Flanged diaphragm Pressure Switch Exd Exia and industrial

Titan™ pressure switches were originally developed for military applications and are still used today on many frigates, submarines and aircraft carriers.

They are also approved for nuclear applications as they are some of the toughest and most reliable pressure switches in the world with robust housing and proven long-term reliability (SIL rating).

Suitable for hydraulics, air, water, gases, chemicals, fuel oil, refrigerants and more, these industrial and weatherproof pressure switches offer multiple switch configurations and options.

Industrial pressure switch specifications

  • Black anodised aluminium alloy or 316 stainless steel housing, IP66 rated.
  • 1 x SPDT microswitch or 2 x SPDT microswitches (simultaneous operation).
  • Integral terminal block via M20 electrical entry.
  • Proven and documented SIL 2 IEC 61508 suitability.
  • Ministry Of Defence approved.
  • Nuclear industry standard.
  • Circuit monitoring resistors option.

Product models

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