Argus Pressure Switch PS511 Exia intrinsically safe and industrial

Argus™ intrinsically safe pressure switches are available with cable glands or with a flying lead for faster installation.

With limited switch configurations, this pressure switch range is built with robust housing and offers proven long-term reliability (SIL rating) in tough environments.

These ATEX / IECEx pressure switches are ideal for OEMs building lower cost pumps, compressors, gas turbines, diesel engines and more.

Intrinsically Safe Pressure Switch Technical Specifications and Options

  • Certification ATEX & IECEx CE Ex II1G Exia IIC
  • T6 Ta -50 to +78°C, T5 Ta -50 to +93°C, T4 Ta -50 to +128°C
  • PPS Engineering polymer or 316 stainless steel housing, IP66 & 67 rating
  • 1 x SPDT microswitch or 2 x SPDT microswitches (simultaneous operation).
  • DIN 43650 connector or integral terminal block via M20 entry or 4 pin M12 connector or flying lead with M20 or ½” NPT male/M20 for direct connection to junction box.
  • Proven and documented SIL 2 IEC 61508 suitability.

Product models

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