Level Switch flameproof ex d intrinsically safe and industrial

Perseus™ level switches are some of the toughest and most reliable switches in the world, developed for hydraulics, water, chemicals, fuel oil and any other liquid.

With multiple switch configurations and options, robust housing and proven long-term reliability (SIL rating) in harsh environments, these industrial level switches are ideal for measuring levels in tanks and containers, either vertically or horizontally.

So whether waves are constantly crashing over the top of these level switches or contractors are knocking them with scaffolding, these industrial pressure switches are built to last.

Perfect for applications such as water storage, oil lubrication tanks or cooling water systems for radiators.

Industrial Level Switch Specifications

  • 1 x SPDT microswitch or 2 x SPDT microswitches (simultaneous operation).
  • Internal adjustment scale
  • Black anodised aluminium switchcase to IP67 standards
  • Proven and documented SIL 2 IEC 61508 suitability.

Product models

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